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Tree Lopping

Tree Lopping professionals trained in the art of general tree lopping and trimming of trees. You could call them tree doctors, trained to look after the needs of individual trees and they also have the ability to remove the whole trees from the premises. Because they are professionals, you can expect that they have undergone rigorous training and some can be further trained into specializations. Tree Loppers are generally hired by landscaping companies, commercial tree companies and tree nurseries.

Benefits of Hiring Tree Loppers

  1. Tree Loppers, as mentioned previously, are tree cutting and removal professionals. They know how best trim or remove your trees without fuss.
  2. Well maintained trees, however when they become pests and cause potential danger to people and property then you need the services of a tree lopping service.
  3. Specialist arborists are further equipped with skills needed to do the manual labor of tree care such as climbing and cutting so you won't have to worry about hiring additional labour.
  4. Arborists are also specialists in removing dead trees and handling special equipment involved in the process. Tree cutting is a dangerous job that should be left to professionals like them.

Types of Tree Loppers

  1. Commercial Tree Lopper and cutter: These trades people work for the private sector individuals and companies such as landscapers and home-owner communities. Their main tasks are to either trim or cut down problem trees and then they can also remove them easily. 
  2. Utility arborist: Arborists that deal with the proper handling of trees near public utilities such as power lines and railroads. They have several responsibilities including caring for existing trees near utility areas and pruning as necessary.
  3. Municipal arboriculture or urban forestry: These Tree Loppers work with trees growing along government property such as streets, reserve parks, and public building grounds.  They keep records on the number of public trees and enforce tree protection laws to the general public. They also plan on how to preserve trees in construction sites with the site developers.


  • Do your research and ask around for the best Tree Lopper your associates and friends may know. Consider your budget versus the arborist’s expertise and experience. Examine the arborist’s credentials and license closely and have your terms and other agreements in writing.
  • Check that your arborist or Tree Lopper is under the appropriate professional organizations such as the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Members of these organizations are kept abreast with issues regarding tree care and are encouraged to pursue continued education.


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