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This is the process of replanting or rebuilding the soil or cleared land. This can be achieved naturally or artificially. Revegetation is normally done to grounds that have been damaged by flood, mining and wildfire among others.

Types of Revegetation

  1. Direct Seeding
    This is planting of seeds on the particular ground are to grow. This method uses too much seeds although it is a quick and relatively cheap technique or revegetation. The results are delayed and after seeding, it is difficult to control the weed from growing.
  2. Natural regeneration
    This is a cheap way to carry out revegetation as it is favorable to those with limited resources. It mostly depends on the existing seed sources such as the seeds stored in the soil or the seeds that are transported to the site by animals, water or wind. Most of the native plants that grow normally adapt to the site very well. However, the results are unpredictable.
  3. Tube stock planting
    This is transporting of the desirable seedlings that have been raised in nursery tubes to the planting site. Plant positioning is controllable though only few plants get to be planted because of the labor intensive nature of the technique which is also expensive. Nevertheless, it has immediate and reliable results.

Benefits of Revegetation

  1. Controls soil erosion
  2. Deters noxious weeds on difficult site
  3. Enhances the absorption of water by the soil
  4. Encourages native birds and other useful natural enemies
  5. Conserves bush remnants
  6. Reduces turbidity
  7. Prevents run offs of fertilizers to the nearby streams

Tips on Revegetation

  1. Ensure to control the weeds as they occur
  2. Plant a good healthy plant that will avoid the weeds from growing
  3. Make the seedbed receptive to ensure successful germination
  4. Protect the ground from grazing and predation by fencing the land
  5. Grow a mixture of plant species such as grass and forbes are the most preferable


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