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Types of Plants

  1. Herbs
    The leaves of herbs are used as fragrance in candles, sachets and perfumes, as medicine and seasoning food. Common herbs are basil, thyme, fennel, mint, etc.
  2. Annual plants
    These are plants that survive for a year or less. They are flowering plants and produce seeds. They add beauty to the home garden.
  3. Trees
    Some trees are old, large and tall. They help in purifying the air by giving us oxygen and also prevent soil erosion.
  4. Biennial plants
    They take two years to mature from seed to fruition. They are also flowering plants which last for two years then dry up. To maintain the cycle of biennial plants you have to plant it every year.
  5. Perennial plants
    Perennial plants are flowering plants and once you plant them they live for years flowering. They do well in slightly acidic soils.
  6. Shrubs
    Shrubs have multiple stems arising from the ground and they are short. They are classified under woody plants.

Benefit of Trees

  1. Aloe vera plant can be used to eliminate formaldehyde from air and used to treat skin burns.
  2. Plants act as air purifiers through release of oxygen to the environment.
  3. Indoor plants reduce space by creating a well-being feeling.
  4. On busy roads, plants are used to lower noise. Studies show leaves and plants absorb background noise. This provides a conducive environment to the residents.
  5. Plants improve the appearance and look of a place or room by making it attractive and beautiful.


  1. Choose a potted plant that grows 10- 12 inches.
  2. When ordering a plant, make sure you have the correct botanical name.
  3. Have an idea where to place the plant so that it can receive enough sunlight rays.
  4. Have a schedule for watering the plants.
  5. Make sure the plant leaves are free from dust to ensure absorption of air and release of toxins.


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