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Outdoor Concrete

These are external structures or surfaces made of concrete. Building material being used since Roman times, made up of four primary materials: coarse total (rock, normally between 0.5 to 1.5 inch in diameter), fine total (sand, typically between 0.005 and 0.25 inch in measurement), Portland cement, and water. Air too has vital impact, and unique additives (called admixtures) are additionally added to enhance or change the concrete’s properties. Fortified concrete is made by installing steel bars in concrete that enhance its rigidity.

Types of Outdoor Concrete

  1. Concrete fireplaces and firepits.
  2. Concrete driveways, walkways and pavers.
  3. Concrete pool decks, patios - These are said to be extensions of the indoor living room.
  4. Concrete kitchen and countertops.
  5. Concrete walls - They can be used as fences to enhance security.
  6. Concrete furniture - These are benches, pool tables and patio tables among others built on the yard.

Benefits of Outdoor Concrete

  1. They are weather resistant therefore not affected by rain or hot sun.
  2. They can be decorated and molded into virtually any desirable shapes during renovation making them look spectacular.
  3. They are aesthetic and expressive making it naturally beautiful.
  4. They are cost effective.
  5. They can be used to complement the exterior décor.
  6. They provide a sense of comfort because of their stability.
  7. They require very little maintenance.


  1. Stain, resurface or engrave your concrete pavers into different patterns making it extremely beautiful. You can also stamp, overlay, dye, color or polish your outdoor concrete to have them stunning.
  2. Do not ignore cracks when they start to appear as they widen with time. A low-pressure injection of materials such as polyurethane or epoxy foam can be used to seal the cracks and surface ports.


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