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Lawn and Turf

This is a land with plants such as grass which is kept as a short height for recreational and aesthetic purposes. The grass may be artificial natural such as the golf course turf, artificial turf or sod.

Types of Lawn and Turf

  1. Buffalo lawn - Buffalo grass grows well and it is easy to maintain. It normally causes irritation to the skin.
  2. Zoysia Lawn - Zoysia lawn is tolerant to salt, drought and heat. It is advisable to plant zoysia grass because it requires less fertilizer and lawn mowing.
  3. Queensland Blue Lawn - It provides high quality lawn at home. It does well in high humidity and heat making it one of the lawns that looks fresh most days of the year.
  4. Couch lawn - Couch grass is cheap and durable. The lawn requires occasional maintenance and fertilizing to ensure the grass is fresh looking and green.
  5. Kikuyu lawn - Kikuyu grass is named after a popular Kenyan ethic group. The grass is adaptable to humidity, heat and does well in poor soil types.


  1. Lawn provides and satisfies a family recreation needs.
  2. They provide a decorative nature making them welcoming.
  3. They prevent soil erosion and water runoff to the nearby streams.
  4. Turf prevents air pollution by trapping smoke and dust particles.
  5. Turf provides a good landscape which offers a good spot for the sport centers such as the gold courses.


  1. Ensure the blades are sharp enough for clean cuts when mowing the lawn.
  2. Don’t cut the grass too short because growing grass requires plenty of water and herbicides thus making maintenance expensive.
  3. Mow when the grass is dry. Wet lawns compact the soil preventing the roots from breathing.
  4. Leave the cut grass on the lawn to act as mulch and fertilizer when they decompose.
  5. Water the lawn deeply but once in a while.
  6. Be careful when choosing herbicides to eliminate weed from the lawn.


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