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Landscaping Kerbs and Edges

Kerbs and edges make for an ideal landscaping accent. A perfectly mowed lawn will look even better when there are decorative edges to keep the edges in place, putting emphasis on neatness with style.

An edge's main function is to act as a barrier grass and weeds. It can also act as a mowing strip to help with your mowing and trimming. A kerb, on the other hand, (curb in US English) is a form of edging used in elevated land, pavements or roads.

Landscaping kerbs and edges can be made of different materials, varied colors and designs. Some of the popular materials used to create edging are:

  • Brick: A popular edging choice, both durable and practical. Put bricks on a sand foundation and keep them tightly together with mortar to prevent the grass from sneaking in between the pieces.
  • Concrete/Cast: Cast makes up for a steady yet neatly flexible edging material. It is an ideal material for slopes and unsteady land.
  • Stone: Stone edging is another relatively inexpensive option. There are many kinds of stones that can be used for edging like cobblestones and flat stones. They come in different colors and shapes to either make a good complement or contrast in your lawn.
  • Plants: Plants can also be used to edge, preferably the low mound ones like veronicas and candytufts. These edges need extra care though and obviously can’t be used as a mowing strip unlike the other kinds.
  • Wood: Small log or lined-up bamboo edging add a unique touch of nature in your lawn, though you'll have to take care to keep an eye on this as logs deteriorate faster when exposed to moisture and pests.
  • Metal: Colorful pipes can make for beautiful, shiny accents in any garden. Since they are malleable, they can be bent in any shape to suit your needs. Though for this kind of edging, you may want to watch out for rust.

Putting a neat line on your garden doesn't have to look flat and boring. With the many available materials, shapes and colors available, you can be as expressive as you want. Remember that your garden is part of your home and is a reflection of who you are, so feel free to make it as personal as you like. Happy Kwikfynd edging!


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