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Landscaping Irrigation

This is watering the landscapes on recreation farms, residential homes, sporting fields and golf courses and they include gardens, trees, lawns, shrubs and courtyards among others. Landscape irrigation ensures landscape thrives by having it watered appropriately. It ensures even distribution of water.

Types of Landscape Irrigation

  1. Sprinkler system - Made of a network of pipes and deliver water spray heads.
  2. Drip irrigation - Similar to the sprinkler but it ensures low flow and pressure watering unlike others.
  3. Centralized irrigation control system - Meant for multi-site industrial and commercial application.
  4. Rotary systems - They allow more heads per zone and have a gentle delivery. They are good for a large landscape.
  5. Underground hose irrigation system - These are buried pipes and hoses and are meant to water the roots of plants.

Benefits of Landscape Irrigation

  1. A good landscape irrigation method can ensure an even flow and distribution of water.
  2. It improves the growth of plants, flowers and lawns and makes them greener and luscious.
  3. Drip landscape irrigation reduces the amount of growing weeds as the water only gets to the areas requiring water.
  4. A good landscape irrigation system saves water by ensuring it is not wasted away.
  5. Landscape irrigation ensures quality and attractive landscapes.
  6. It saves water by reducing water being wasted away.
  7. Saves time when you apply an automatic irrigation system that you can program to water your landscape at your preferred time.
  8. Saves money as the different types of landscape irrigation systems reduces the usage of water.


  1. Water in the morning when the wind speed is low and less evaporation and also times of water restrictions.
  2. Create water zones by grouping plants with the same water requirements.
  3. Install irrigation system with smart technology to water your landscape.
  4. Avoid light and regular watering as they cause deep roots in plant.
  5. Measure the amount of water applied and adjust it to deliver depending on the required amount.
  6. Check your sprinkler system regularly to ensure heads are working well and unclogged so as not to interrupt water delivery.


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