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Landscape Features

Every landscape has its defining features.  A landscape feature tells several things about an area including its location and what the place was used for.  In landscape gardening, the features available define the landscape's function, its owner's purpose, taste and financial status.

There are different options available to suit anyone's preferences.  Depending on the landscaping company, here are some of the landscape features you can avail:

  1. Decks and patio: Ideal for converting your outdoor space into usable area. They can come in different architectural styles to build your deck and decorate the surrounding area with appropriate ornamental plants.
  2. Driveways: A well paved driveway lined with plants and decorations is a pleasant view on the way to the entrance. A driveway can be made of stone, concrete, asphalt or other materials.
  3. Gates: Not only for deterring would-be intruders and a measure of privacy, gates also serve as decorative barriers that can complement the area they’re enclosing.  They can be made from either wood or metal and come in many different styles.
  4. Fireplaces/Firepits: Perfect for warming up and enjoying the great outdoors.  You can choose to build a fireplace to cozy up during winter outside or a firepit for those backyard camping trips.
  5. Flower beds: A selection of flowering plants and shrubs can be arranged together in a bed of trimmed grass to beautify any garden.  Some services may even offer maintenance and seasonal replanting gardening services to complement your landscape.
  6. Special function gardens: Places where you can relax and unwind with a purpose, these gardens are made with a specific function in mind.  Examples of these include healing gardens and meditative gardens.
  7. Outdoor areas: Outdoor kitchens and receiving areas are becoming more popular nowadays because of the growing appreciation for outdoor beauty.  Recreational areas such as swimming pools and tennis courts are also a great way to get active.


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