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Horticulturist is a specialist in the art, science and business of plant cultivation. Horticulturists can work in different fields and under different employers, from residential gardens to big corporate farmland.  Horticulturists have the following responsibilities:

  • Have a sufficient knowledge base regarding the cultivation and proper care of shrubs, trees, flowering plants, fruits and vegetables, and be able to teach them to farmers, plant nursery and garden store owners and gardening supplies manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Assist in developing landscapes, designer gardens and other outdoor areas.
  • Experiment with breeding and crossbreeding to find more resilient and more productive plants, flowers and crops.
  • Research on relevant horticulture issues like pest and disease control, improved plant cultivation techniques, and proper harvesting, storage and handling of fruits, vegetables, shrubs and flowers.
  • Work in restoring eroded and damaged land following digs and mining activities.

There are colleges and universities that offer courses and bachelor's degree programs for horticulture, though the best horticulturists have a good balance between knowledge and on the job experience.

  • Floriculturist: Specializing on care and cultivation of flowers for distribution to nurseries and retailers, they must have an up to date knowledge base on seasonal flowers and how to make better revenue.
  • Pomologist: They focus on the study of growing trees and fruits.  To be a pomologist, a horticulturist may need special training and education on how to breed and maintain these types of plants.
  • Olericulturist: The specialists in the study of growing vegetables and herbaceous, non-woody food plants.  They are responsible for determining and harvesting the edible parts in these plants.
  • Landscape horticulturist: They are the ones who study and use flowering plants, shrubs and trees for decorative purposes. They must have extensive knowledge on how to plant, raise and care for these ornamental plants, not to mention make them look as appealing as possible.


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