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Garden Maintenance

This is maintaining the growth and direction of your plants. Garden maintenance can be done weekly, monthly or annually depending on the client's preference. It entails watering, fertilizing, and weeding among others to sustain a healthy looking garden.

Types of Garden Maintenance

  1. Grass cutting/ mowing
    A well maintained lawn prevents soil nutrient run off and erosion. Mowing helps in starving parasites such as jiggers and ticks. A well mowed garden helps in weed control and any other unnecessary plant.
  2. Weed control
    One can use mulching method to suppress the weed. This method works best if the seed germinates before the weed. Mulch is placed immediately the plant shoots to the ground. One can also use herbicide to kill the weed by spraying the whole garden.
  3. Tree cutting
    Cut down the tall and old trees using an axe or saw. The other option can be cutting down hanging stems that expose the residents to risk and injury.
  4. Hedge cutting/trimming
    Hedge cutting involves trimming the plants around the garden to keep it compact dense and formal.
  5. Fencing
    Repairing the broken fence helps to keep the plants and food stuff on the garden safe. It improves the safety, appearance and look of the garden.
  6. Waste removal
    This type of maintenance involves collecting and sweeping any waste from the garden. Everyone should avoid dumping on the ground and use the dust bin properly.
  7. Planting
    Planting the dried flowers and grass is a common garden maintenance. Plants should be watered regularly during dry seasons.


  1. Keeps off weed thus maintains a healthy looking garden.
  2. Garden maintenance maintains the beauty and garden appearance by making them bloom and look fresh.
  3. A well maintained garden brings a sense of life to a home and one feels relaxed when sitting outside.
  4. Proper and good landscaping increases the property value.


  1. When plants are overcrowded, you can do pruning or trimming.
  2. Clean the irrigation equipment to ensure plants are watered well.
  3. You can get rid of weeds by either using chemicals or pulling them out.
  4. When doing mulching, ensure the mulch is organic such as sugarcane or Lucerne.
  5. When mowing keep checking whether the blades are sharp to ensure a clean cut.


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