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Environmental Management

Environmental management involves research on conservation and use of natural resources. It also entails research on hazard control and habitats protection.

Types of Environmental Management

  1. Environmental modification - These are long lasting habitats transformation such as installation of piped water.
  2. Environmental manipulation - These are repeated changes made to the environment using resources available such as manpower, community support and financial resources. The environmental changes include clearing water plants, water level fluctuations and flushing streams.
  3. Human behavior or habitation changes - This involves taking an action or step in reduction of human-vector contact. These steps include use of mosquito screening on all entry points.


  1. Environmental management assists in cost saving by spending less on water, energy, transport and waste.
  2. Improving safety in the world through decreased use of industrial waste and chemicals.
  3. Environmental management promotes compliance with environmental rules and regulations.
  4. Promotes improved, quality management, safety and health.
  5. Increased efficiency and enhance environmental performance.


  1. You should promote environmental management at your workplace by putting down a list of incentives benefits, applicable law, costs of green services, and products and energy efficiency.
  2. Specify environmental goals together with the employees, employers and co-workers.
  3. Make a policy which plays a role in improving business environmental efficiency and energy.
  4. Have a target to track and monitor progress of each goal.
  5. Communicate the progress on achieving the goals to all the employees or parties involved to encourage them to keep working towards the greening process.


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