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Commercial Landscaping

A beautiful and well-cared for lawn is important for a lot of people, including homeowners, communities and even to commercial chains, attractive to visitors and clients alike while making a statement regarding the land owners.  Kwikfynd commercial landscaping understands the importance of this, and have afforded a mix between service expertise and expertise to meet client demands.

Why Should I Hire a Commercial Landscape Specialist?

  • The beauty of it - A beautifully laid landscaping is a source of pride and a delight for both the owner and their visitors.  For business establishments, it tells a lot about the company's planning skills, thorough execution and meticulous eye for detail—all good skills to have in the eyes of future clients.
  • More productivity - Studies show that employees are healthier, more eager to work and are more productive in an orderly and aesthetic environment.  After all, there is direct relation between the work environment and employee happiness.
  • Increased worth - Good landscaping gives a considerable boost to any property.  It also attracts more clients and revenue for businesses.

Commercial Landscaping Services

  1. Lawn care and remodeling: The traditional landscaping service.  Keeps your lawn well-trimmed and free from unsightly blemish, or even replant your whole lawn.
  2. Landscaping design: Plan your lawn with decorative elevations, plants, stone, man-made ponds and other features.  Then watch as landscape workers turn your plans to reality and make sure they stay as beautiful as they look on paper.
    • Maintenance programs: The planning and building of a lawn doesn't stop there.  Most companies offer maintenance services to keep these places in tip top shape.
    • Retaining wall additions: Used to retain proper shape of soil elevations.  These decorative additions add depth and form to your once flat grounds.
    • Protection from water damage: some landscaping experts offer to redirect drainage and piping to prevent excess water drainage from ruining the landscape work.

Things to Consider Before Hiring Landscaping Service

  • Plan what you want to see in your lawn and what eyesores need to go.  Have a picture or a theme in mind that matches your establishment’s image.  Also consider what your budget is for maintenance services and possible changes later on, like seasonal plants and decorations.
  • Research on the landscaping companies available and pick the ones that match your own needs and ideals.  Remember that you are looking for a possible long term relationship, so you must hire someone you are comfortable to work with.
  • Assess how the landscaping company works.  Are they courteous and professional?  Are they friendly and open to your comments and suggestions?  Do they take the extra mile, pointing out a fresh perspective and improving on your ideas without being asked?  Do they do their work promptly and with little to no hitches?  Do their workers have amiable conduct? Are their terms agreeable?
  • Look for a good bid.  Landscapers are usually busy people, especially during March and April when spring is beginning full bloom.  Make bids ahead of the time you'll need your services to avoid rushing.  Try not to settle for the first price and negotiate one that will suit your budget and the worth of the company's services.

Commercial landscaping is important in building a good business image.  It may seem like a big expenditure, but it can bring revenue and other benefits in the long run.  In other words, deciding on a commercial landscaping provider is just as big and important as any critical business decision.  Because how you keep your place says lot about how you run your company.


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