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Vegetable Gardens

These are patches of land secluded and mostly lie on the backyard of a home to grow vegetables and other plants such as herbs. They offer a way of growing horticultural products in small scale. Many people keep the gardens for fun as there are those who are purely interested in gardening.

Types of Vegetable Gardens

  1. Raised-bed garden
    They are pre-made beds. This type of gardening works best for people with limited space but just have enough to experiment something small.
  2. Container garden
    It is surprisingly easy to start and set up. Perfect for those with limited or no garden space outside their home.
  3. Window box garden
    Do you live in an apartment or condominium and would still love to do some gardening? Then this is for you. It requires a hanging box that hangs off your windows, deck and balconies.
  4. In-ground garden bed
    With a little extra space and good soil, in-ground is the best option as it is economical and you will not require a lot to get started just good compost to enrich the soil nutrients.

Benefits of Vegetable Gardens

  1. Produces edible bounty that is fresh and rich in nutrients.
  2. Improves one’s health as they promote healthy eating.
  3. Cost effective as they help save money spent on groceries.
  4. Reduces the amount of food transportation and packaging.
  5. They are affordable and manageable.
  6. Offers fresh air.
  7. Offers some form of mental therapy and exercise.


  1. It should be easily accessible. Having it outside your kitchen window would be great.
  2. Create excellent mulches or compost to keep the weeds down and also reduce the amount or water used by the soil.
  3. Weed regularly and control pests.
  4. Water often to ensure a brilliant looking garden.
  5. Seed directly in the garden and space them.


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