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Outdoor Furniture

This type of furniture is also known as patio furniture or garden furniture which is designed for outdoor use. The furniture’s material is weather resistant e.g. waterproof.

Types of Outdoor Furniture

  1. Wood - hardwoods (teak and kwila)
    Teak wood has a natural wax and is recommended for outdoor furniture. The wax gives the wood stability and durability because it is able to withstand harsh weather such as rain. Kwila furniture makes the outdoor surrounding looks fine and easy to maintain. The wood has beautiful appearance and grain. The furniture is also durable due to its natural oil which makes it waterproof.
  2. Aluminium
    Aluminium is a good metal for outdoor furniture because it is lightweight, durable and rust free. Most furniture is finished with powder coat which works as an anti-corrosive barrier. This also improves rigidity and strength of the furniture. The aluminum outdoor furniture is ideal if made from high quality aluminum tubing and professionally welded joints.
  3. Fiberglass
    This type of outdoor furniture is not common because is too expensive to purchase and maintain.
  4. Plastic
    The furniture is made of polythene or polypropylene and fiberglass strands may be added to strengthen the design. Plastic furniture is available in different shapes and colours.
  5. Steel
    This type of furniture is cheaper compared to stainless steel or aluminium furniture. To make the furniture durable, powder coat and galvanizing protection layer are preferred.

Benefits of Outdoor Furniture

  1. Patio furniture such a table can be used to place flowers or plant stands which improves home appearance.
  2. Shelves are also part of outdoor furniture which are used as storage for equipment, hold decorations or barbecue supplies.
  3. The chairs or seats provide comfort when relaxing or reading. Outdoor furniture adds comfort, style and colour to the patio.
  4. The furniture comes in all colours, types, texture and shape. This adds value to the patio.


  1. Always choose or insist on good quality furniture.
  2. Make a list of what type of furniture you want.
  3. Buy the furniture you will manage to maintain.
  4. Choose a stylish colour for cushions.
  5. Have a budget and ensure you stick to it when purchasing the furniture.


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