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Native Gardens

Do you want to see more of the butterflies and birds? Then a native garden will make your dream come true as they promote wildlife. These are gardens with plants of all statures that are adaptable to the weather conditions. The plants include creeping groundcovers, shrubs, grasses and towering trees. They are very attractive because of the different types of native plants.

Types of Native Gardens

  1. Rain gardens - Protect polluted rainwater run offs to the waterways.
  2. Wildflower gardens - These are gardens made of hardy flowers that are self reproducing and require little attention.


  1. Require minimal maintenance to thrive.
  2. Fertilization is not required in most areas.
  3. Controls soil erosion.
  4. Do not require too much water but just enough to keep the soil moist.
  5. Creates habitat for native fauna and flora making the garden colorful and extremely appealing.
  6. Offers fresh air and a pleasant environment for relaxing.
  7. Adds beauty to your garden.


  1. Go for indigenous plants that will work well with the location of your garden.
  2. Ensure the soil is receptive.
  3. Prune regularly to keep the tips dense and compact.
  4. Keep the garden healthy and clean to avoid attacks by pests and diseases.
  5. Create good mulch to help retain the moisture in the soil after the rains.


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