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Landscape contractors are often thought to be the same landscape architects. In reality however they are very different, at least in terms of responsibilities. A landscape contractor is the person behind the physical layout of the landscape. They handle the physical labor of the task and collaborate with the landscape architects, who designed the plans, to transform ordinary lawns into lush, designer gardens.

The landscape contractor's primary responsibility is to enrich the land, plant the needed shrubs, trees and other ornamental plants, and to arrange other decorative implements including stones and edgings.  To become a landscape contractor, most start of as landscape technicians a post graduate course in landscaping of about one to two years is needed. Available courses are in-depth study on plant care, drainage, soil preparation and certification to operate construction equipment.

Here are some of the services a landscape contractor can do for you:

Installation:  Landscape contractors can install almost anything in your land, from ornamental plants and trees, to stone paths, to brick curbs and to man-made water parks. They work in collaboration with the landscape architect or follow the design plans already prepared beforehand by the client.

Landscape maintenance: Specialized landscape contractors are knowledgeable in horticulture and will ensure that your plants are all properly cared for and retain their attractive appearance. They do pruning, trimming, tending and fertilizing plants so that they'll stay healthy all year round.

Commercial Services: Landscape contractors aren’t limited to the residential area. They can also extend their services to commercial locations like government buildings, sidewalks, establishment chains and reserve parks. Not only does it make the place eye catching, it is also a way to attract customers and increase revenue.

Exterior/Interior: These contractors are skilled in both indoor and outdoor landscaping, and are perfect for those who have indoor plants or for those who don’t have space for an outdoor garden. Landscape contractors may deal with the heavy labor of the landscaping process, but they are trained professionals whose experience and expertise is backed by proper training. Landscape architects can make the most beautiful garden designs, but it is through the efforts of the landscape contractors that the garden on paper is brought to life.


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