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Garden Accessories, Machinery and Tools

There are numerous things to consider in starting gardening. Bear in mind, success is not just about having all expensive garden tools but also knowing how to use them with matching creativity. If you realize sooner that gardening is not for you, you can always buy your tools later and might need some of the important tools.

Types of Garden Accessories and Tools

Garden Accessories

These are used to add decoration or functionality in one's, it may be made of copper, stone, wood, bamboo, stainless steel, clay, stained glass, concrete or iron. The use of these items can be part of the expression of a gardener's gardening personality.

Gardening Gloves

Gloves are essential for beginners, it keeps hands clean and for preventing blisters. Your gloves should fit enough to give your fingers full range of motion but tight enough that they won’t fall off your hands. Practically, buy ones that are washable knowing the fact they get dirty too.


Rakes can be used for removing rocks or other debris from your garden area and for smoothing out the soil before planting which makes the soil a perfect one to plant.

Shovels and Hoes

When you're prepared to break soil, a lot of choices are ready for you. A hoe is a great tool for digging up weeds and breaking up the surface of the soil.

Hand Tools

In gardening, hand tools may be necessary in planting flowers, seeds, and digging up weeds. You should use a trowel, which is like a miniature spade shovel that fits in your hand.


All plants needs water. Having a hose is absolutely perfect for you and will make your gardening easy. To make it easy, base the length of your hose to the size of your garden. Or if you have a large watering project you should consider a sprinkler. Sprinklers cover a lot of ground and are pretty convenient - just turn it on and walk away!


This type is perfect for cutting branches and weeds. Bypass pruners are the most common kind found in a gardener's toolbox. These pruners are scissor-like and are great for cutting small live branches, harvesting vegetables, and cutting flowers.

Wheelbarrows and Carts

Used for hauling, leaves, weeds, heavy items like rocks and soil, and also to mix soil or concrete. Wheelbarrows today are often made with plastic, making them much lighter and easier to manoeuvre, but are not as sturdy as traditional barrows made with steel.

All these tools are necessary for gardening. But make sure you choose the tools that are easy to use and convenient for you. Never forget the saying "quality over quantity".

These tools are just a basic idea to get you started, so don't jump for the fanciest and most expensive items in the store. As you develop as a gardener, so will your gardening tools. Happy gardening!


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