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Formal Gardens

Formal gardens are stylized gardens forms, strong structure and symmetrical plantings such as topiary and hedges. They originated from Persia and implemented in parts of Europe.

Types of Formal Gardens

  1. Sculpture garden style
    This type of formal garden is used to appreciate a sculpture and user settings of an outdoor garden.
  2. Classic lines
    This type of design applies in small space gardens. The garden is planted with a few species.
  3. Statement piece
    Use of strict lines and color applies to an eye catching garden. This garden requires a lot of maintenance annually but the graphic impact brings a perfect garden.
  4. Below ground
    This garden is usually viewed from above which requires architectural planting.

Benefits of Formal Gardens

  1. Formal makes a small garden ideal and have an appealing appearance.
  2. Most of the plants on the garden are perennial e.g. shrubs and trees which help in minimizing plant costs.
  3. Due to its symmetrical, stylized and geometrical forms, it provides a relaxing mood to the mind and body.
  4. The formal gardens enhances the appearance and beauty of homesteads creating a good impression and also welcoming to the neighbors and visitors.


  1. Consider the size and shape of the land available to help you know the type of garden to have.
  2. When choosing plants, consider the ones that will thrive well considering the climate of your area.
  3. Go for plantings that are colorful and attractive, with divine fragrances.
  4. Have a lovely paving to the formal garden and the focal point to enhance the appearance.


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